New Jersey's largest dairy farm suffered extensive damage

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New Jersey's largest dairy farm suffered extensive damage

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One man in Flushing, New York, said his residence was prone to flooding "but what I saw last night is unimaginable". "I have never seen water coming in all directions," Tedla Asfaw, 60, told the BBC. "There's huge damage here. It's a big hit for us."

In New Jersey, a tornado flattened the state's largest dairy farm, ripping roofs of buildings and toppling several large silos.

Many cows were trapped under fallen sheds and some died, the owners of Wellacrest Farm wrote on their Facebook page. "Along with the devastating loss of homes in our neighbourhoods - we, as a community, suffered a great loss with the destruction of our farm."

In New York, some 835 people had to be rescued from stranded subway trains, police said on Thursday, after social media pictures showed water gushing into the underground stations and tunnels. superslot

Other footage showed cars floating down flooded roads, with cries of "help" being heard from inside. Nearly 500 vehicles were abandoned in New York, the Associated Press says.

Passengers on trains, planes and buses have been describing finding themselves stuck for hours without moving as the flooding made travelling impossible.