Learning Welsh in America and Melbourne

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Learning Welsh in America and Melbourne

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She was born in America and now lives in Australia, but the land of Liz Williams' great-great-grandfather has always been close to her heart.

One of her earliest memories is of singing the hymn Calon Lan as a child - even though she could neither pronounce the words nor understand them.

While much of the world was locked down by Covid-19, she was speaking Welsh to a tutor in Wales via Zoom each week.

Lockdown led to a rise in new Welsh learners, according to one app.

Smartphone app Duolingo reported 1.5 million people have started learning on the platform - with numbers increasing by 44% in 2020, making it the fastest growing language in the UK. slot pg

Its annual report suggested the growth was down to people wanting to "connect with the country and see Welsh thrive as a language".